UTM Students Visually Inspire Area Farmers

“What is in a logo? How do you design one for your farm?” These were questions University of Tennessee at Martin (UTM) Professor of Art in the Department of Visual and Theatre Arts, Lane Last, asked participants at the NextFarm® Workshop Series in early March 2017. NextFarm® is a business development program focused on agriculture innovation and development created by the Northwest Tennessee Entrepreneur Center (NTEC).

“Connecting rural to urban, farmer to consumer, and fresh ingredients to our diets - the farmer, both large and small, is our economic and community centerpiece. When food is produced, processed, distributed and sold all within the same region, more money stays in the local economy. This leads to economic development and job creation,” stated Samantha Goyret, Program Administrator at NTEC and Local Food Network Coordinator.

Participants in the NextFarm® Workshops learned new ways to turn their food production and/or farm expansion ideas into successful businesses. Participation in the Farm-to-Consumer Market workshop on March 7th included a free business logo designed by Lane Last’s UTM Interactive Multimedia students.

Mrs. Goyret further added, “Being able to quickly and directly market to the consumer gives farmers important income opportunities. Providing the farm with a professional sign and logo gives a visual expression to the products and connection that farms have within our communities.”
The following farms and agri-businesses received new signs printed by Jowers Sign Company with their newly design logos: Dixie Chili Ranch out of Kenton, Brundige Farms & Sunnyside Farms out of Martin, Hidden Hill Farm CSA out of Dresden, Plunk Farms out of Sharon, and Natalie’s Kitchen out of Paris.

Farmers were teamed with UTM Interactive Multimedia students Angela Chesteen, Tanya Chopra, Joey DeSantis, Kyndal Hayes, Brad Lyell, and Michael Mattingly. Professor Last commented that “This project has provided some logo design service to area farmers and was a fantastic opportunity to put student creativity to work for the local community. Hopefully it also gave the students the chance to consider where their food comes from and how they can make alternate choices for buying local from these new partners.”

The 2017 NextFarm® workshop series was made possible through funding from the Delta Regional Authority Rural Business Opportunity Grant which supports NWTN Local Food Network activities through the Northwest Tennessee Entrepreneur Center (NTEC). Visit ntecconnect.com to stay connected.

NTEC, a 501(c)(3) organization in Martin, Tennessee, host programs designed to focus on innovation, commercialization, investment, technology, and entrepreneurship in Northwest Tennessee.

NextFarm Logos with UTM Students compressed

Front Row (left to right): Kyndal Hayes – UTM Student; Darlene Drummond – Sunnyside Farm; Richard Gallagher – Hidden Hill Farm; Natalie Wade – Natalie’s Kitchen; Elisabeth Dowland – UTM Student

Second Row (left to right): Michael Mattingly – UTM Student; Brad Lyell – UTM Student
Lane Last – Professor; Joey DeSantis – UTM Student; Tanya Chopra - UTM Student

Back Row (left to right): Terri Brundige – Brundige Farms; Jason Plunk – Plunk Farms