March 27, 2016, Dyersburg State Gazette

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Thursday afternoon, 16 middle school students attending the TN Code Academy, sponsored by Tencom, proudly presented their parents with a presentation that showcased their capabilities in computer coding.Dyersburg Code Academy GROUP PHOTO web

Preparing for the event, students spent three six-hour days learning the basic fundamentals of programming through gaming platforms, web and mobile applications.

Through the program, students were also able to learn computational thinking and coding individually, as well as in a team. Guiding the students through the ins and outs of coding were instructors Chris Sipe and Atish Patel, both of whom are students at TTU, in Cookeville.

Throughout the course of the three-day Code Academy, students were able to enjoy soda, pizza, subs, and the masterful recreation of their favorite video games through the utilization of their newly acquired knowledge in the realm of coding and computer programming.

Overall, the three-day Code Camp was very well received by all of the students involved. One student stated, "It was cool! I loved it and can't wait until the summer camp."

On behalf of the event Tencom owner Chris Donaldson stated, "Students spent three days learning the basic concepts of computer programming by creating video games and learning to build a basic website. The event was capped off by a 'Demo Day' event, where students got a chance to show off what they learned to their family and to members of the community.

Dyersburg Code Academy 10 Compressed"The Dyer County Code Camp is made possible by a partnership between NTEC, The Northwest Entrepreneur Center in Martin, and Tencom Services in Dyersburg, along with our generous host TCAT-Newbern and Dyer County 4-H.

"Carol Reed, the director of NTEC, and I share a common interest in bringing informal tech learning to the people that need it most. That is, the kids in rural Northwest Tennessee. There are so many opportunities for kids in bigger cities and we both feel that with the broader adoption of broadband Internet, that there is no reason for people in rural communities to be left out of the new digital workforce.

"And the kids love it. They are fully engaged, eager to learn, and respectful. They soak up the information like a sponge. It's great to see kids so excited about learning technology.Dyersburg Code Academy compressed

"Demand has been so high that we are already planning a code camp for June. More information will follow on the summer camp at: or on any of our social media pages."