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The Northwest Tennessee Local Food Network (LFN) is a group of agricultural producers, consumers, businesses and organizations that meet on a rotating basis throughout the year to convene, share information, strengthen connections and forge new collaborations.

The underlying effort of the LFN is to build a new food system, one that will be local and regional through multiple strategies to strengthen the local economy while enriching the connection communities have with fresh, healthy food. It’s a pretty audacious goal and it’s going to take everybody to make it work – we’re trying to do a huge thing.

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Download the Northwest Tennessee Local Food Guide 2017-18.

What We Do

In 2015, members of the LFN Steering Committee requested assistance through the national Local Foods, Local Places program to develop an action plan for advancing the local food system through a community forum series called "Using Food to Build Community".

The Local Food Network is governed by the LFN Steering Committee that is catalyzing actions to incrementally strengthen our local food system by increasing awareness, production and consumption of local foods, and use of public places.

Currently, NTEC supports the network financially and also logistically through a grant with the Delta Regional Authority, but there are many other players that are involved in the network. The LFN has open and free participation with the opportunity to improve economic development, livability and public health outcomes in our communities, county, region and state at large.

In 2016, the LFN produced the first Weakley County Local Food Guide. In 2017 NTEC expanded the guide to include agri-businesses from Weakley, Carroll, Henry and Obion Counties. The goal is to make the guide a regional document for our 9-county region in Northwestern TN by 2020. 

Upcoming Workshops & Events

NextFarm Workshop Series


1/31/18 – Farmers Market Boot Camp, NWTDD, 124 Weldon Drive, Martin, TN 38237

For more information and to register visit https://www.ntecconnect.com/programs/nextfarm


FEBRUARY 24, 2018

On February 24, 2018, we will plant 250,000 native tree seedlings across Tennessee. This will be the largest community-tree-planting event in Tennessee history, and is the largest tree-planting event in the United States. Let's make history by creating more beautiful local places for us to enjoy in our communities.

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 Watch a short video about The Local Food Network



  1. Make Northwest Tennessee Farmers Markets destinations for farm businesses, local arts, healthy living, family and visitors.
  2. Empower and develop local people and organizational capacity to advance local foods, local place-based initiatives.
  3. Make downtown areas thriving places that support local business growth, local foods and better public health outcomes.
  4. Grow farming businesses and local food.
  5. Provide education and increase awareness of the benefits and opportunities of a strong local food, local place-making program.

Download the LFN Goals and Actions UPDATED.

For a complete copy of the LFN Action Plan, receive our e-newsletter, or for more information, please contact Samantha Goyret by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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