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Code Academies are educational programs that teach the basics of computer programming through games and gaming platforms, web and mobile applications.

Students learn computational thinking and coding individually and as part of a team. When finished, the students host a "Demo Day," showcasing their efforts as a project presentation before adults and peers.

Bring a Code Academy to your school or community. Contact us and we'll get you started so your students can get a jump start on a high wage, high demand career.

Upcoming Events

CodeCamp Rasberry PiREGISTER HERE for the TN Code Camp in Dyer County on July 11th - 13th from 1 pm to 5 pm daily at The Mill Workspace in Dyersburg, TN. This 3-Day Code Camp teaches the basics of programming utilizing Scratch. We will be working with Raspberry Pi computers to learn how to make them do things in the real world. This event is for rising 6th - 12th Graders. Developers from Tencom Services will interact directly with students, emphasizing problem-solving as a spontaneous, fun activity. Students learn computational thinking and coding individually and as part of a team.

Who: The Mill Workspace, Tencom and NTEC
What: 2017 Northwest TN Code Camp
Audience: Rising 6th – 12th graders in Northwest TN
When: Tuesday July 11th – Thursday July 13th
Times: 1 pm to 5 pm daily
Where: 217 South Mill Ave at The Mill Workspace
Availability: 12 Students
Cost: $80/student
Includes: 3 days of camp, T-Shirt, snacks

Why: To introduce young people to the concepts of computer programming at an early age so that they may work with their schools to develop a course of study that will benefit them in the future.

How: Through the use of software tools such as Scratch to create simple games and to show how Scratch can be used to program Raspberry Pi computers to perform tasks in the real world.

Outcomes: For students to gain a basic understanding of the concepts of computer programs and have the ability to setup, configure and program their own Raspberry Pi computer to perform basic tasks.

Notes: We will provide snacks and drinks for students. Parents are welcome to sit in and observe at any point during the camp.

Sponsors:Dyersburg Code Camp Participants June 2017
Tencom Services
215 South Mill Ave, Dyersburg, TN

Northwest TN Entrepreneur Center
Martin, TN

The Mill Workspace, 217 South Mill Ave, Dyersburg, TN

Launch TN, 211 7th Ave N #205, Nashville, TN


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